Usa-T54 E2

American, Tier IX, Medium Tank

This icon was a supertest leak.

WG said that's non-autoloader version of T54E1.


The T54 was a series of prototype American tanks of the 1950s with three different turrets, all armed with a 105mm gun, mounted on the M48 Patton chassis. The original T54 had a conventional turret with an autoloader, while the turret on T54E1 was of an oscillating design with an autoloader and the one on T54E2 was conventional with a human loader. The turret on T54E1 was similar to that of the T69 in its oscillating design and in that it held a crew of three and a nine-round drum autoloader under the gun. The T54E1 was abandoned in 1956 and in 1957 the entire project was cancelled in favor of the T95.

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